Our Team

Domenica Personti

Founder and CEO


Corporate Director of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Programs

Interim CEO – Capital Region Treatment Center

Domenica Personti has been a powerhouse in the State of Delaware working in the behavioral health field for over twenty years. Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Domenica has worked in a multitude of treatment environments. From corrections, to MAT programs, to community based outreach services, to facilities that boast a yoga studio and spa, state-of-the-art fitness services, farm-to-table meals, and the scenic surroundings, she has done it all. But Domenica doesn’t show up to her job to relax.  She spends her days with working with individuals who are sick and suffering from the disease of addiction. She does everything she can to help them obtain the tools they need to help them regain a lost sense of self after the damage of addiction. 

“I introduce myself to anyone that walks through the door,” Domenica says. “It helps keep me grounded and reminds me why I’m there. Hearing them share their stories, how they got here and what we’re doing that’s working — it’s always important, and it helps us improve.”

Domenica is in recovery herself, which helps her relate to what her patients are going through. Nearly two decades ago, while working as a peer counselor in an corrections based treatment program, Domenica began helping out the staff and  inmates, acting as a sort of “junior counselor.” She caught the eye of a supervisor, who helped her apply for a scholarship that largely funded her undergraduate education and helped her get her first job in the field. 

“I just fell in love with it,” Domenica says. “The fulfillment of giving the gift back is like nothing else.”

Domenica worked in corrections facilities and health clinics, where the intensity of the experience eventually took its toll. In the first three months of 2005, she lost four patients to violence and overdoses. She recognized that the work was starting to affect her mental well-being. Domenica went back to school for an MBA, but before she graduated she was offered a job designing and implementing a community based recovery program in Wilmington. After many years working in the field in many different modalities of mental health and addiction treatment she was well aware of the gaps in service. This began to drive her passion to create something to address those gaps.  

“When I think about what keeps me whole and grounded I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt it is a solid spiritual program, a great support circle, and a life of service. For me that is what we have to provide people if we want them to get, and stay well. After treatment, what we offer and provide them is critical.”

At IMPACT Life, Domenica has designed a program that sets up the clients up for success. In addition to vocational career services, there are wellness programs and training for basic life skills, like how to balance a checkbook, communicate with other people, and have fun while staying sober. There will also be recovery residences.

“We focus a lot on recovery from addiction, but for me, it’s about overall wellness,” Domenica says. “My investment is looking at the whole picture: if we don’t help people get and maintain employment, get old charges pardoned and expunged, assist them in navigating social services,  and simple things like knowing how to communicate effectively, the recovery eventually collapses.”

The program Domenica has developed, and the life she’s led, are supported by the three consistent pillars. If you have ever heard her speak you have definitely heard her talk about them. Connection, Compassion, and Kinship. They lead to services delivered with dignity and respect and in turn people are open to change. 

“Those of us in recovery, we’re constantly cranking that gift out,” Domenica says. “We’re saying, ‘We’re an example of how this can work.’ It’s about reassurance and compassion and empathy. You have to help people through their process that’s how people get well. We have to work to install hope that recovery is possible, and then we have to prove it. That’s on us.”

Nikole Papas

MPH, CAADC, CSPS, CPS currently serves as Executive Director at Merakey for Philadelphia Outpatient Addiction Services.

Nikole has worked as a Health Services Administrator for close to 20 years in a multitude of programs. Nikole has extensive experience in Behavioral Health Operations and has also done fundraising and development work for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Nikole also worked for ten years as a Primary Counselor and Family Services Manager at Thomas Jefferson Family Center, an outpatient MAT treatment facility for pregnant and parenting women in substance abuse. Nikole has specialized training in hematologic oncology, eating disorders HIV,HCV trauma and recovery and empowerment model, maternal and child health, methadone maintenance, Mindfulness based Stress Reduction, Reiki and community education. Nikole has her Bachelor’s both in Communication Disorders and Psychology as well as a Master’s in Public health with a focus in Maternal and Child Health. Nikole has led teams and patients in developing improved mindsets, and healing utilizing alternative therapies and modalities. Nikole believes through serving others and helping them thrive on their journey, we help them achieve their maximum potential and assist with redefining their self-worth. In turn, this sets them up for second chances and success on their path.

Charla Sharp

Director of Operations at Essentials Recovery

Licensing and Credentialing Manager – Recovery Centers of America

Charla Sharp is an accomplished professional with more than 25 years of Medical and Administrative Leadership office experience.  With longstanding roots in the community, Charla has established relationships throughout both Delaware and Maryland within the Behavioral Health field.  Charla uses her own personal experiences with addiction and mental health to help those who are sick and suffering by showing compassion and empathy, as well as a willingness to support them in their recovery.  Charla grew up in New Castle, De but now resides in Cecil County Maryland where you can find her volunteering across both state lines as a fierce advocate and supporter to the recovery community. Charla enjoys creating art, spending time with family/friends and traveling with her son and daughter.

Mary Owens

Case Manager

Mary has been working in behavioral health for years and brings a specialized skillset in recovery support to the team.

Chris Anderson

Healthcare Navigator + Workforce Placement

Chris helps people in our community and mainly targets people that are coming out of active addiction that are stabilizing themselves through their own personal recovery process. He does this by helping people break through barriers such as past legal issues, lack of work history, lack of education and/or work place skills.  By hosting job fairs and helping with outreach all through the state of Delaware, connecting people to the Pardon/ Expungement process, connecting them too skilled training courses in all trades, job placement, connecting folks to federal bonding when appropriate, and even resume writing, GED/Diploma help, etc. 

Leslie Palladino

Director of Recovery Services

Leslie has been working in the field of behavioral health for years, and brings a plethora of knowledge and skill to our program. As an individual in long-term recovery, Leslie is very familiar with the challenges our clients face on a daily basis.

Lauren Steward


Lauren brings over 15 years experience in Finance and Behavioral Health, along with her strong desire to be of service to others. Born and raised in Wilmington, DE Lauren is passionate about supporting the underserved in her community, and is excited to be joining a team dedicated to this mission. In her spare time, she most enjoys time spent with her friends and family, exploring nature, gardening, reading and watersports.

Leah Echevarria

Grants + Contracts Manager

Leah has been dedicated to assisting those in need since before the start of her career. Working across several different fields, she has gained well-rounded knowledge and experience by serving others. Leah is excited to be a part of the IMPACT team not only to apply that knowledge but also to continue to learn and grow. As a devoted mother, she truly recognizes and values the needs of others. As someone with personal experience of the effects of addiction, she understands the need for the work that IMPACT is doing.

Paul Norris

Prevention and Wellness Educator

Paul will be working for the Project Ops program which serves youth and young adults ages 13-24 by offering Harm Reduction and Prevention Education as well as Wellness, Fitness, and Nutrition Programs. Paul will work within the schools, as well as with multiple community partners to ensure that our kids and their families are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance use and connect them to treatment resources. Paul will also be training people on opiate overdose and reversal and providing them with the life saving medication, Naloxone.


Blake Denney

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

Blake is able to share his lived experience of wellness and recovery in a connecting and relatable way. Blake has been working in the addiction and behavioral health field for many years and has a strong passion to ignite the flame of hope in others. Experiencing firsthand how behavioral health and substance use can impact a child’s life, Blake is excited to work in the Project Ops program, which serves youth and young adults. His fun and friendly personality gives him a way of interacting with this community, making the process a bit lighter.

board members

Fran Russo-Avena — School Nurse/RN at Red Clay Consolidated School District and Christiana Care, atTAcK addiction board member

Erin Booker — LPC, Vice President for Community Health and Engagement in the Office of Health Equity, Christiana Care

David Heitur — Photographer, David Heitur Photography

Dave Humes — atTAcK addiction Board Member

John Marino — Advisor and Contractor, Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate

Penny Rogers — Founder, Face the Facts recovery advocacy group

Sabrina Tjaden — Case Manager, Connections Community Support Programs 

Nick Gregory — Facilities Manager, DSM Commercial Real Estate 

Individuals on a Mission Pursuing Art Culture and Travel